Dog and Cat Limits

City Number of Animals Allowed per Household License Needed for: Where to Purchase
Apple Valley
952-953-2700 3 dogs, need license for more
3 cats Dogs Police Department

952-948-3942 4 animals,
any combination Dogs
Cats City Hall

952-894-3647 2 dogs*
5 cats*
*For 3-5 dogs, need
residential kennel license;
for 6+ cats, need
kennel license.
For kennel license:
· Rabies vaccination
· City license
· $50 annual fee Dogs
Ferrets Animal Control or Police Department

Cottage Grove
651-458-2850 No limit Dogs
Cats City Hall

651-681-4700 3 animals Dogs Police Department or Eagan vet clinics
Eden Prairie
952-949-6200 2 Dogs
2 Cats
Kennel license for more Dogs City Hall

952-894-9065 Cats – no restrictions
5 Dogs Dogs
Cats City Hall

651-437-4127 2 Animals Dogs City Hall

Inver Grove Heights
651-450-2725 3 Dogs
No limit on cats Dogs City Hall

952-985-4800 3 Dogs
10 Birds
No ordinance on cats Dogs City Hall
Dakota Pet Hospital
Apple Lake Animal Hospital

Mendota Heights
651-452-1366 2 Animals Dogs City Hall
612-348-4250 3 Dogs
(more with permit)
3 Cats Dogs Animal Humane Society
By mail
Veterinary clinics

651-439-9381 3 Animals Dogs City Hall

North St Paul
651-770-4450 3 Animals,
kennel permit for more Dogs City Hall

Prior Lake
5952-445-3156 3 Dogs or Cats,
kennel license for more Dogs
Cats City Hall

612-861-9800 6 maximum,
3 or more need kennel license Dogs
Cats City Hall

651-423-4491 3 Cats
3 Dogs
Kennel license if more Dogs
Cats Police Department

St Paul
651-645-3953 3 Dogs and/or 3 Cats
(not 4 dogs & 2 cats) Dogs – license & rabies tag
Cats – rabies tag Animal Control
Some vets
License Office at
350 St Peter St

952-894-9065 4 Dogs
5 Cats
Kennel license for more Dogs Gentle Doctor Vet
Savage Tower Animal Hospital
City Hall

952-445-3156 5 Dogs and Cats total Dogs City Hall

South St Paul
651-554-3300 6 months or older, not
more than 1 dog per
2000/square feet
Cats – unknown Dogs
Cats City Clerks’ Office

West St Paul
651-450-1111 2 Dogs
2 Cats Dogs City Hall

651-439-9381 3 animals,
any combination Dogs Police Department

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