Policies for fostering dogs or pups

All your own dogs must be spayed or neutered, current with DHPP, Bordatella and heartworm negative. Rabies is required by your city!

You are currently not over the city limit for the number of dogs you own. You can foster up to 1-2 more dogs past the city limit or a complete litter up to 12 with a mom. Exemptions are made for country homes that do not have city limitations or those with kennel licenses.

You have your own transportation to and from the vet clinics and pet adoption days within Inver Grove Hgts, Burnsville, Apple Valley and Farmington area

You must be able to come with your foster dog(s) to 2 at least 2-3 adoption days on Saturdays every month in this transportation area from 10:45 to 3:15 where almost all the training takes place.

All adults that live with you must agree to foster.

You must be 18 or over and all unrelated adults, such as roommates, must carry health insurance . You will sign a waiver to hold harmless Last Hope and any of the Stores that we attend from liability if your dog scratches or nips you..

You do not hit, spank or yank dogs but only use No or Bad dog when training a dog.

You are willing to say goodbye and then say hello over and over again so that more dogs and pups can find homes.

You DO NOT have to have a fenced in yard.

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