Dog Foster Application

If you can. copy this in your word doc and e mail to

City, State Zip
E mail address
Home phone
Cell phone
Work phone
Ages of people in my household
Pets I own currently ages and breed
Name of my clinic and city and phone no
I want to foster ( circle that apply) cats dogs, kittens puppies
Size of dog that you want to foster
Age of dog that you want to foster
Do you want to foster and have the place for a litter of puppies of 3 or more?
Check yes or no for these below:
My own pets are spayed and neutered and had shots in the last year.
I have a fenced in yard
All adult household members agree for you to foster.
I am willing to:
do more than one dog at a time.
work with housebreaking where my foster will have accidents
work with dogs that bark
to work smaller dogs that don’t like kids under 10
to work with dogs that submissive pee
come to at least 2 or 3 adoption days a month on Saturdays and Sundays.
go to the vet for my foster’s dogs health.
to take in a long term dog that will need weekly vet visits until it is healthy for a month at a time. During that time, I won’t need to go to adoption days.
to take a dog that doesn’t like cats and may hurt them
I am willing for someone to come to my house to check my home