How to find Fluffy when she is lost!


Here are some ideas of where to look for your lost cat or dog.

Make signs and post around the neighborhood. Be sure to put a good clear photo of it on there and your best contact number.

Call your local city impound, and neighboring cities impounds to see if they have it or have had any reports of it found. If you are not sure of where to call, try calling the non-emergency police to get the phone number or be redirected to the proper dept.

Post your signs in local pet stores. Most of them have a specific bulletin board for that.

Be sure to call your vet and all other local vets in case it should be brought in to one of them, and post signs there too.

For dogs and cats, go to Craigslist and post a notice in the Community section, under lost and found. You can also post it in the pet section.

If it is a lost animal, be sure to have good clear photos. If it is a found animal, give a good description of it and have the owner provide a good photo to prove it is theirs.

Petfinder has a lost and found pet section too. Click on the “Helping Pets” tab, then click on “Message Boards” and then click on “Lost and Found”.

If it is a lost cat, also go to Facebook and look up “Lost Cats MN” and you will find an excellent resource for posting lost or found cats.

Most people use social networks these days, but you can actually post an ad in your local newspaper too. Some of the “found” ads are free, but it may cost money to post in the “Lost”. (Isn’t Fluffy” worth it though!!)

Call local animal shelters and rescue organizations, to let them know you are looking for a lost animal, but most will refer you to the above.

Keep in mind, before “Fluffy” gets lost, MICROCHIP, all pets, dog or cat. Be sure your dog has a collar with a rabies tag, City license tag, if required, ID tag with his/her name on it and the BEST phone number to reach you on it, and your home address, plus the microchip tag. You can also get your dog tattooed with an ID number. This may save you money from it going to impound if someone finds it first. Keep your cat indoors, and spayed/neutered, but sometimes they can be sneaky, and if you have a sneaky cat, get a cat appropriate collar for him and have a name and phone number on the tag and his microchip tag.

Last Hope gets up to 30 calls every day, many of which are for strays found. We generally don’t take strays, because of owners looking for them, have the right to try to find them within a reasonable amount of time. Spayed/Neutered animals tend to stray less and wander a shorter distance. A frightened animal looks for a place to hide that is sheltered, like an open garage or shed. A friendly animal won’t hesitate to climb into someone’s car or on their lap! So be sure to follow the steps above and hopefully “Fluffy” will be back home in no time!

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reasons to surrender

Please do not tell me one of these!

Top Lousy Excuses For Getting Rid of a Pet
(Actual reasons from Animal Control Offices as compiled by members of a dog-rescue mailing list.)

Sheds too much
Going on Vacation
Retiring and want to travel
Having a baby
Getting married
Getting divorced
Husband doesn’t like the breed
My wife is jealous of the dog and the time I spend training her
Boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t like
Not housebroken
Didn’t know it needed all that grooming
Don’t have time
Going to college
It’s our son’s pet but he’s away at school now and we don’t have the time; we’ll just tell him it ran away.
Apartment/Townhome/Condo/etc. doesn’t allow pets
Needs room to run/roam
We got it for the kids but they won’t take care of it.
Keeps running off (unfenced yard, no leash)
Didn’t know they got so big/eat so much
He was a cute puppy, but now he’s too big
Doesn’t get along with our new pet
I don’t love it anymore
Bought new home and dog doesn’t go with new colors
Pet clashes with new furniture
Just got new furniture/carpet
We only had it for the kids and they’re all grown up now
He chases the new kitten
She doesn’t like the new puppy
He tracks mud all over the new carpet
She got lost, and we got a new one by the time she showed up at the pound, so we left her there
He (a twelve week old puppy) refuses to be housebroken, and we hit him every time he goes in the house. I’m worried, ’cause you can only hit a dog so much before it turns vicious, and I’m afraid it will start biting the kids.
Too friendly
He keeps jumping on the kids, and the kids are now afraid of him.
We have a handicapped child in a wheelchair
We’re remodeling our kitchen and didn’t have time to take her to puppy class, and now she’s too rowdy
She has seizures (allergies/hypothyroid/etc.) and we don’t want to spend another penny on medication
It makes me sad to have her around
Tried to kill a cat
Killed a neighbor’s chicken – afraid she will start attacking people
Received as a Christmas present – can’t keep
Daughter’s dog – she went to college
Breeder won’t take him back because we neutered him
She got herself pregnant – we’re keeping her puppy
She got herself pregnant – we’re keeping her kittens
She got herself pregnant
We can’t afford the vet bills
Pulls on the lead
Doesn’t like my new husband
Keeps breaking the chain at her dog house
Tears up the house when we’re at work/school
Noisy when we’re at work/school
Apartment management doesn’t allow dogs
Can’t find house to rent that allows dogs
Transferring to England – don’t want to quarantine
He won’t stay at home
My elderly mother keeps letting him loose
He’s too happy
Drools all the time
We’re putting the house up for sale and it won’t show well with a dog.
Had a friend, make him a guard dog, now all he wants to do is bite people.
I trained him myself to be a protection dog, now he’s trying to kill me.
He rides my leg.
He always has an erection, when company comes over, it’s too embarrassing.
He peed on the baby.
He makes a mess in the bathroom, every time I give him a bath.
He gets car sick)
It wants too much attention
Her teeth are crooked
She hunts all the time
She won’t hunt
Gun shy, only shot over her that once in the yard…
Bit my husband when he hit her for getting on the sofa…
Steals the baby’s toys
Follows me all the time, even to the bathroom
Always wants to be petted
Stares at me
Bumps into my legs
Steals food off the counters
Takes my things
My wife hates her
We can’t afford the vet bills

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1.Owner Surrenders:
Due to life change circumstances such as divorce, allergic, dog too big, ddog not housebroken, not good with preschoolers, having to move, landlord issues, too many dogs etc.

We pull dogs that are not claimed from the local impounds when the dogs are strays and owners do not find them or do not pay the impound fee and fines. Last Hope will also pull from animal pounds within it area of operation when circumstances permit.

3.Other MN rescues:
When other rescue are at capacity and Last Hope has room we will work to assist other rescues by taking their dogs.

4.Out of State:
We have arrangements with shelters in Tennessee and Oklahoma to occasionally assist with over crowding.
We have helped the Pets for Paradise Program in the Virgin Islands

Most Common Health issues:
Heartworm disease
Kennel cough
Eyes and Ears
Hips and bones
Too skinny
Too fat

Most Common Behavior Issues:
Not housebroken
Excessive barking
Submissive urination
Lack of training
Shy and needs confidence
Jumping fences
Food aggression
Separation anxiety
Aggressive behavior

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What do you mean a: A Stray?

Where do strays come from? Many of Last Hope dogs were strays. They actually came from Animal controls where the dog catcher picked them up running loose and the owner did not claim them. We don’t know what kind of owner they were but we can guess on the training and condition of the dog and behavior of the dog. We can tell their age by their teeth, eyes, coat and behavior.

Why do dogs become impounded and not claimed? The impounds (dog catchers) hold them for a minimum of 5 days by state law and then can do with them as they please. Some impounds have known to sell them for profit, some put them down automatically on the 6th day and some take them to the humane societies and let them decide what to do with them and others call rescue groups because they don’t want anything bad to happen to the animal. It is their choice because they were hired by their city or county to do so.

We work with many animal controls in this area. Each Animal control works with more than one city or county. In all, we service over 15 cities and 4 counties! We cannot take them all. They get approximately 8 stray dogs a week and the majority are big dogs. We are short of fosters on big dogs and cannot take them all unless we get 8 new big dog fosters that will continue to foster! We do the best we can and take 2-3 of these a week. We pick the best and easiest to place. If we can find a dog a home quickly, then it makes room for another. If we take a dog with major behavior issues, we can place it but it may take months. Volunteers do not want to commit to the same dog for months; it is hard enough to get a foster to commit for 3-5 weeks in a row! We look at temperament and breed first. We don’t care if it jumps up, is not housebroken or barks when it sees people. We do care if it growls when you put it in the car or snaps at other dogs for no reason.

Why don’t people claim their dog?

1. Do not know where to look.
2. Don’t have the money to pay for the “dog at large” fine
3. Believe the dog will come back on its own.
4. Believe that their dog sitter is responsible and don’t know their dog is missing
5. Gave their dog away and the new owner got it for free so doesn’t care to look for it.
6. They should not have had a dog in the first place. ( 16 year olds and mom said no, people in apartments that do not allow dogs)
7. Dump it in the country on purpose because a farmer will take it in. ( it is still done today)
8. Illegal residents do not want to get caught.
9. They can get another one for free, so why do anything with the old one. It got too big anyway.
10. They believe someone kept it and it is in a better home than theirs and they may be right!

Why do people claim their dog?

1. They will do anything for their dog
2. They put up posters, call every city, county and police stations
3. They call every rescue group and check many websites listing dogs
4. They care and they find their dog
5. Put ads on Craigs list and other websites.

Does Last Hope ever unite an owner with their lost dog?

Yes, it has gone through animal control, we fixed it, gave it shots, put it on pet finder website and 20 days or longer, after it was missing, the owner calls. This happens about 1 out of 150 strays. If the owner is willing to pay the adoption fee or the vet bill whichever is less,(they don’t have to pay dog at large fee), and they are a good owner, we adopt the dog back to them. We do not have to adopt back to them, however, since the dog is now legally ours.
We encourage them to microchip the dog with their name so they will be called right away. Godd owners are willing to pay the adoption fee and get their dog back current with shots, and spayed or neutered! This is not very common. Sometimes, once the owner finds out it is fixed, they don’t want it because they intended to breed it or was part of their breeding stock and don’t want it back. Some don’t want to pay the adoption fee and shots because they did not authorize it, however, if Last Hope did not take it, it would have been dead and it is legally our dog now and not theirs. They do threaten to sue however the law is on our side and they would lose if they tried. We have spoken to many attorneys and they have verified it in their interpretation of the law.

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Adopt a Pup or Dog?

What do I want to adopt? Adult or Puppy?
What do do you want to foster?

Puppies are:

Impressionable: What ever you do to them when young, they will remember later in life.. From 8-12 weeks and 7-9 months, if they have a good or bad experience with kids, people with hats, men, being dropped, hurt by another dog, they will later hate kids, men, people with hats and dogs. This comes out in 1-3 years later.

Puppies who are 7-14 week will have accidents and it is expected/ Puppies until about 1- ½ years will have an occasional accident because the human is not on schedule!

All puppies chew until about 2-3 years. They will chew shoes, furniture, pillows, blankets in a kennel, cords, remotes and many other things.. The average family loses $500-1000 worth of stuff in the first year of puppyhood.

They do not know sit, come, walking up and down stairs, they jump up on your good clothes, they don’t walk on a leash or pull really hard, they play bite you skin and hair. They pull on your clothes and can tear them and more. They will bark in a kennel and keep you up all night.

Vet Bills:
Puppies need 3sets of shots to be fully vaccinated. Also, they are full or worms, If you are afraid of worms, don’t get a puppy. Worms are very very treatable but all are contagious to other dogs if they eat the poop. Also, some can be tranmitted to humans if you not wash your hands.
All puppies and dogs need heartworm preventative all year round. It cost 7-15 a month depending the weight of the dog or puppy.
Spay and neuters in the TC area cost about $250-375 depending on where u go and How big the puppy is.
Even adult dogs need vaccinations every year. For DHPP, Rabies, Heartworm test ad Bordatella, that cost about $150 with a vet exam. Of course, that doesn’t include the heartworm preventative, or any other minor or major health issues you may come across.

Adult dogs:
If you get a dog that you don’t know a thing about you don’t know about any of the above. It is a surprise. They may know some of the things above, or may not know anything! As a Last Hope foster, we take what we get and work on them until they are as perfect as they can be while they are waiting for a home. The new owner has the benefit of our training and experience. They also will know where we are in that training, his good points and bad points. No adult dog is perfect even if trained! If you want a perfect dog, foster and get stuffed animal!

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Why Spay and Neuter?

Why Spay or Neuter?
Spay or neutering surgery has health benefits. They will not get certain tumors, and cancers and less medical issues later in life. Collapsed Uterus can happen in any female not spayed which can cause infection and death without major expensive surgery.
It eliminates the risk of complications from pregnancy. If a C- section is needed, that can cost $700-1000. If a larger dog mates with a smaller female, the female will not be able to give birth without professional help or the puppies and the mother can die.
Altered dogs and cats are more relaxed pets because they are not driven to mate and less inclined to defend territory. They are less apt to fight with other animals. Statistics show that un-spayed females and un-neutered males dogs are the ones that bite humans the more often the dogs that are altered.
The animals are less likely to roam and less chance that they will get picked up by animal control. Most dogs picked up by the animal control are not fixed. They are less likely to get hurt, tortured injured or killed on the road.
Neutered dogs less apt to urinate in the house. Their reason for marking is reduced.
Altered cats are less likely to spray.
Altered dogs have less behavior problems
Altering does not make your pet fat or lazy. It does not spoil the animals personality. Neutered dogs do hunt and bring birds back. Fixed cats still kill mice and spayed females still are loving!
It helps by preventing unwanted litters and homeless animals. If you can find homes for all of your puppies and kittens, then someone else will not.
Over 25,000 are killed in Twin City metro shelters alone just because they were born! Over 4,000,000 of dogs and over 8,000,000 of cats are put down nationwide.
If every home, apartment, manufactured home, townhouse had 7 cats and 4 dogs, we wouldn’t have to put any dogs or cats down!
Please Spay or Neuter YOUR Pet!

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Foster Application for Dogs or Pups

Basic Info about you:

Name ________________________________Address___________________________________________                  

City, State Zip  ______________________________________e mail address__________________________         

Home phone _______________________Cell________________________ Work______________________

Ages of people in my household ______________________________________________________________

Pets I own currently ages and breed ___________________________________________________________

Name of my clinic and city and phone no________________________________________________________

Why do you want to foster for Last Hope?________________________________________________________

Have you fostered for another group before? When and which group? __________________________________________________________________________________________

Age of dog that you want to foster: ( circle all that apply)    puppies under 16 weeks,     puppies 4 months to 12 months,      dogs 12-24 months,    adults 2-6,   seniors 7 and up.

What can you do?          Check  yes or no for these below:

Yes  No   All my household agrees to do for me to do this ( roommates, husband etc)

Yes  No   Everyone in my household is not allergic to dogs

Yes  No   Have transportation to transport dogs from the vet or pet adoption days.

Yes  No   I have had dogs before as an adult

Yes  No   I would be able to foster adult  X Large dogs such as:  Great Danes, Saint Bernard, Mastiffs, Great             Pyrenees,  and mixes and have a place for them to exercise .

Yes  No   I would be able to foster adult  large dogs such as: labs, shepherds, boxers, springers, border collies,             and  Bassett hounds,  and mixes  and a place for them to exercise

Yes  No  I would be able to foster adult small dogs  such as  cockers, beagles, Shitzus, Wheaton Terriers, Rat             Terriers, Jack Russells, and mixes

Yes  No   I would be able to foster x small dogs because I can take them out often and know that they are             never perfectly housebroken such has Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, teacup poodles, yorkees, and mixes  

Yes  No   My own pets are spayed and neutered and had a minimum of  DHPP, Heartworm tested and on             preventative, and has had bordatella vaccine in the last year or willing to alter my dogs and update             those vaccines before fostering.

Yes  No   I have a fenced in yard ( this doesn’t eliminate you either way)

Yes  No   All adult household members agree for you to foster.

Yes  No   Willing to do more than one dog at a time.

Yes  No   Have transportation to get back and forth to the vet, adoption days or meetings.

Yes  No   Have a place and willing to foster a litter of puppies of 3 or more?

Yes  No   Willing to work with housebreaking where my foster will have accidents or submissive pees

Yes  No   Willing to work smaller dogs that don’t like kids under 8

Yes  No   Willing come to at least  3 adoption days a month on Saturdays and Sundays or get my foster dogs             there and back.

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