Last Hope takes surrenders from people that are moving, allergic, divorcing or just that you don’t want the dog anymore!  We take unwanted litters and help with the spay for the mom if we obtain all of the littermates.

We take dogs that can be rehomed only. We do not take dogs that have bit unprovoked, have known separation anxiety and some certain breeds.  There are a few breeds that can be banned in city homes or do not work in a city enviroment that are too hard to place.   We do not take dogs with terminal diseases or are elderly.

When you surrender a dog to us, please be ready to provide recent health records so that we know where to start and let us know of any behavior issues. We work with barking,  shy dogs, housebreaking, submissive peeing, shedding,  too thin and too fat dogs, manners, walking on a leash etc.  We occasionally will take in a dog that needs surgery or heart worm treatment with a surrender if we have had large donations.

We ask you to bring the health records, a letter about what the dog knows and doesn’t know and what kind of home you would like it be in. we also ask for a donation to help us to continue our work. Even though your dog may be current on shots and nuetered, your neighbor’s dog is not and we want to help that dog too!  Our average donation is $50-75 but a mimimum of $10 is required. Spays and neuters cost $250 and up and shots cost about $175 to get the dog ready for adoption if it doesn’t have any other medical needs such as ear , skin, or eye infections for instance. We always treat heartworm and lymes disease. This cost can be more than  $500.

You can call us at 651-451-7603 or 612-817-6112 to see if we can help you keep your dog that has an issue or whether or not, we have room for him.  

You may be put on a waiting list depending on the availablity of the volunteer foster homes.