Canine Surrendering

Last Hope, Inc. accepts canine surrenders from people that are moving, allergic, experiencing life style changes, or just unable to keep the dog anymore. The legal owner of the dog will be required to sign a Surrender Form transferring legal ownership of the dog being surrendered to Last Hope Inc. at the time the dog is surrendered at one of Last Hope, Inc.’s veterinarian’s office.

We accept dogs that can be rehomed only. We are unable to accept dogs that have a bite history or aggression issues. There may be certain breeds that can not be surrendered due to insurance related requirements.

You can call Last Hope, Inc. at 651-463-8747 to discuss the procedures for surrender and request that Last Hope email you a Canine Intake Questionnaire which will begin the process of surrendering a dog, determining if Last Hope can accept the dog, and when Last Hope will have an opening in its dog foster home network. You may be put on a waiting list depending on the availability within the volunteer foster homes.

When you surrender a dog to us, please be ready to provide recent health records and your veterinarians contact information, and let us know of any behavior issues.

Last Hope, Inc. asks for a surrender fee donation to help us with the veterinary expenses associated with the surrender process. Last Hope’s surrender fee is $50, if circumstances prevent that, a mimimum of $10 is required.