About Dogs

I have decided to adopt and not  so what do I want to adopt?  Adult or Puppy?

Puppies are:

Impressionable: What ever you do to them when young, they will remember later in life..  From 8-12weeks and 7-9 months, if they have a good or bad experience with kids, people with hats, men, being dropped, hurt by another dog, they will later hate kids, men, people with hats and dogs. This comes out in 1-3 years later.

Cost: Puppies cost more. You need to get 2 more set of shots, the spay or neuter, bigger and bigger collars and lots of chew toys and bones as they grow.  Crates or kennels are a must as well. You will need cleaning supplies and extra paper towels.  The average puppy cost about $1000 in vet bills and supplies the first year. This is not including the cost of the fee for getting the pup!


Puppies who are 7-14 week will have accidents and it is expected. Puppies don’t fully get it until they are about 2; but then you have to be on schedule to make housebreaking a habit. Until you trust them, puppies and young adults need to be crated when you are not home and when you are not watching them so that they learn more quickly.


All puppies chew until about 2-3 years. They will chew shoes, furniture, pillows, blankets in a kennel, cords, remotes and many other things.. The average family loses $500 worth of stuff in the first year of puppyhood.


They do not know sit, come, walking up and down stairs, they jump up on your good clothes, they don’t walk on a leash or pull really hard, they play bite you skin and hair. They pull on your clothes and can tear them and more.  They will bark in a kennel and keep you up all night.  Training is for at least the first 2 years and if you fail to do all the socialization that comes with it, or do it with a lot of punishment, or not be  consistent, you will not enjoy your new dog his whole life!

Adult dogs:

They know a lot of stuff that puppies don’t know, but yet they don’t know everything and are not perfect.  They may know sit, their name, some tricks and even be housebroken! They are done growing so you know exactly the dogs final height and size.

Adult dogs already have a personality. They all come with good and bad baggage.  Remember every adult dog used to be a puppy! The previous owner had the dog as a puppy and may have not treated it like you would have. They may be scared of storms, cower when you put your hand up,  hate little kids,  chase cats, jump fences, go on the furniture, bark, etc but what is nice about an adult, is that the foster can tell you these things as they experience them..As a Last Hope foster, we take what we get and work on them until they are as perfect as they can be while they are waiting for a home. The new owner has the benefit of our training and  experience. No dog is perfect and as a new owner, you need to decide what you can live with and what you cannot!  The foster will tell you the good and the bad! No dog is perfect, it is only perfect for you!